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Janette loves Jesus and others; this is evident in each encounter. She is professional yet relational and will have you at the Throne of Jesus as you move and breathe in the "unforced rhythms of His Grace." (See Matt 11.28-30, The Message)



I highly recommend attending a class by this amazing lady!  She brings a sense of calm and peace to each class all while providing you time to be still with the Lord.  Her kindness enabled me to gain strength and rest both during her class.  Janette has been such a blessing to my growth and healing.  My Jehovah Rapha knew to place this incredible soul on my journey and I am so thankful.


I visited my Chiropractor and he told me my lack of flexibility would soon cause me problems. Even though I exercise daily, I had ignored that part and it needed to be addressed. I had some concerns about doing Yoga but was invited to GraceFit Yoga.  Janette’s classes eased my concerns and my flexibility immediately improved. Thank you Janette!.


Janette's calming voice and Christ-focused  meditations make for a great yoga experience for the soul and body.


Participating in Grace Fit Yoga classes has been such a blessing to me over the years.  Because the practice and intentions are rooted in the Scriptures, I feel that it ministers to me as a whole person and gives me a unique and valuable opportunity to worship the Lord with all my heart, mind and strength. This discipline has definitely helped me grow in my understanding of who God is and who He has created me to be.


GraceFit yoga is definitely one of the highlights of my week. It always provides refreshment for both my body and my soul!

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